Volume App

Client: Independent Project
Role: Designer

Using principles of user experience and design through effective visual hierarchy, typography, and layout design to develop an application that answers: Why have podcasts not become a mainstream form of entertainment? 

  1. What is a podcast? Fairly new medium. Strong connotation to Apple products.
  2. Good podcasts are hard to come by. Anyone can upload a podcast. Selection can be overwhelming.
  3. No advertisements. Shared through word of mouth.
  4. Does not engage users, no personalization.
  5. Lack of monetization for podcasts. Podcasters sound like pitch men for products.



User Research

Conducted user research to identify podcast listening behavior using a 10-question survey on Survey Monkey. 



From the user research, a set of personas was developed to identify the goals and task of users: 

As a podcast user, I want to . . .

  1. Be able to listen to podcast as intuitively as “turning on the radio,” especially while driving.
  2. Have seamless integration between devices.
  3. Easily share episodes and quotes between friends/followers. 
  4. Receive personalized recommendations.
  5. Discover topics I care about and connect with other users and content creators.

User Flow & Site Map

 User Flow

User Flow

 Site Map

Site Map



Wireframe and user testing to identify pain points of the product and develop iterations towards final prototype. 



View this interactive prototype on UXPin.